​I'm disgusted to see you promote grass fed cow flesh. So you think ​that animals are nothing more than unfeeling inanimate objects to do whatever we please with​?​ ALL animals, not just your cats and dogs, feel pain, joy, fear and have friendships with both humans and animals. They have families that they care about.

We have been vegan and animal rights activists for 9 years starting when we were 56. We have stood in front of slaughterhouses at vigils for them and seen the absolute fear of the animals in the slaughter trucks. I have watched all kinds of videos of what is done to animals in the name of food that we do not need to eat. I do this so I can speak out for them.

I will NEVER take a shot. And I will NEVER treat animals the same way the pharmaceutical industry is treating us. They see us the same way that ​you ​see animals. The pharmaceutical industry thinks your lives are worth nothing and it's fine to force you into taking their poison. I will never turn around and do this to animals. What is done to them is horrific. Learning that the egg industry grinds up day old male baby chicks ALIVE, turned us from vegetarian to vegan that night. There is nothing but harm in slitting a gentle grass fed or factory farmed cow's throat.​

If you don't want to eat plant based meat, then don't. But don't promote harm to animals. I'm glad that you advocate for our right of choice​ in vaccines but really disappointing that you promote cruelty to animals because that is what slitting their throats is. Where is their choice???

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We hear you, and take to heart your compassion for the animals. We're sure you probably know factory farming is a completely different beast than humanely-raised animals who are well-cared for, treated with dignity throughout their lives, and sacrificed with sacred intention. It's clear you believe all killing of animals is terribly wrong, and your point is well-taken. Did you know that many vegetarians and vegans have become sick over the years, consuming a high-carbohydrate, organic, whole foods (not processed) "healthy" plant-based diet? It seems to be sustainable for a while, and then for a number of people turns into a catastrophe of metabolic (and other) illness down the road. We feel your pain, knowing the animals can't speak for themselves. AVFCA will continue to shine the light on various aspects of things that go in, on, and around our bodies, for the purposes of informed consent and freedom of choice. We welcome your opinion and hope to retain your readership. If some of our topics, such as this one is too disturbing to receive, we understand why you might unsubscribe. Another option would be to read the articles that are more in alignment with your values. Warmly, AVFCA.

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Did you know that, I said we have been vegan for 9 years and at 65 and 66 we are doing great, lifting weights and looking like we are in our 40's. And did you know that I have researched all aspects of not hurting animals, from the health benefits to what happens to animals to what it does to the environment. Did you know that we know a lot of vegans over our 9 years and many have been vegan longer than we have been with quite a few being vegan for 30 and 40 years. They are not suffering from a catastrophe of metabolic (and other) illness. In fact who really is in the hospitals with all kinds of sickness that comes from eating animals? Is it mostly vegans in the hospitals?  So please don't patronize me with comments like that.

As far as your claim that the animals who are murdered (that means their lives that THEY wanted to live that are taken from them by force) on the small local family f/harm, somehow have it better than factory f/harmed animals, maybe you have not seen all the videos that I have of how they murder them. In fact, since you seem to think it's all so humane, why don't you give a detailed description of how they "humanely" slaughter them. Because humane and slaughter are two words that go together right? So give us that detailed description of how to take their life away from them with the humane washed words of "sacred intent"

Maybe you should follow this account on Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/unparalleled_suffering/. I have personally met him and he has gone around to the small local f/harms to document what they do to them. He also happens to be against the vaccine. He documents all that "sacred intent" that the animals experience.

And how about going on You Tube and looking for how to slaughter with "sacred intent" your cow, pig, chicken or any other animals that you are raising on the ole small f/harm. And then search for how you can do stuff to animals like process a litter of piglets by castrating, notching their ears, clipping their tail off. All with no anesthesia and "sacred intent" of course. You can watch one of them here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFVu_cm_QiU. Because cutting into animals' bodies without anesthesia is a great way to treat them with "love". Here is another one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDvoetuy6DI. Just ignore the graphic warning on the video and concentrate on farmsey homespun music since it is all so humane. 

And don't forget look at all the suggested videos of how to cut into animals bodies with no anesthesia (too expensive) and how to murder them all of course done with "sacred intent".

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