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MIT Researcher Explains How Chlorine Dioxide/ MMS Destroys the Toxicity of Glyphosate Poison: https://needtoknow.news/2023/05/mit-researcher-explains-how-chlorine-dioxide-mms-destroys-the-toxicity-of-glyphosate-poison/ "Dr. Stephanie Seneff, who holds a PhD in computer science and electrical engineering and is a senior research scientist at MIT, says that Chlorine Dioxide (CD), also known as MMS, destroys the toxicity of glyphosate, a weed killer that was patented by Monsanto and marketed as RoundUp Ready. Glyphosate is ubiquitous in the US and is also sprayed on many crops after harvest. It is potentially linked to diseases that include cancer, endocrine disruption, reduced reproduction and more."

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Thank you! Appreciated.

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